SOUTH AFRICA Sun-El Musician ft. Simmy & Lelo Kamau – Sonini

ft. & Lelo Kamau – Sonini

is one of and indeed Africa’s brightest lights currently. His Music Award nomination leaves absolutely no doubt about this.

Since he shot to relevance with his 2017 hit, “Akanamali,” there has been no looking back for the talented artist. He has gone on to churn out hits like: ‘No Stopping Us’, ‘Bamthathile’ and most recently released his album, “Africa To The World.”

“Sonini” is one of the songs on the new album and features Lelo Kamau and , both of who delivered what was expected of them.

Collectively, Sun-El Musican‘s “Africa to the World” is a delight but when “Sonini” is considered individually, one is left with a feeling that it could be more and Sun-El Musican can do better.

As expected, there’s a story behind the song, the music video says that much. While the beat looked like it wouldn’t stop, the story line for the video and the continuous repetition makes one wonder exactly what the song hoped to achieve.

is talented no doubt and the album has its merits, but “Sonini” on its own is below par and he can definitely do better.