TeeBlaq Ft. Mz Kiss & Trod – O Shapranpran 2.0

Ft. & – O Shapranpran 2.0

Cool as “O Shapranpran 2.0” is, ‘s best decision was to feature and . The collaboration is topnotch.

We’ve seen collaborations made for the sake of it with the featured artists not pulling their weight but in “O Shapranpran 2.0,” both featured artists brought their A games and made what could have turned out to be a slightly improved upon club banger have that classic touch that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

deciding to release “O Shapranpran 2.0” is another wise move. It’s easy to ask why he wouldn’t just release something else but again, why mess with a recipe that works?“O Shapranpran 2.0” is a slang that has endured till now and it only makes sense that the artist will leverage on the street acceptance to drop another hit and further rack up his creds.

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Magaly Pearl – The One Ft. Ice Prince

‘ rap needs no introduction and her delivery in“O Shapranpran 2.0” busts the brain and creates excitement about what else she has up her sleeves.

For , close your eyes, listen to the voice and you could have sworn it was DaGrin rapping. His voice reminds one of DaGrin chuckling before launching into one of those badass lyrics and his lines take you back to the early days as he throws lyrics at you effortlessly.

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2Baba – Dettol Future Football Heroes Ft. Waje

There’s no doubt at all that“O Shapranpran 2.0” will make waves in clubs and live in many a playlist for a long, long time.

The real winners however are the fans who have another hit jam to listen to and another club banger to shake body to.


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