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– Preach

Ghanaian rapper, continues to prove he might not be human after all with yet another missive. He titles this one “Preach,” as he lets go of several subjects affecting the industry in a no holds barred confession.

On “Preach,” simply assumes the role of a Prophet who mounts the pulpit to preach the truth without caring whose ox is gored. He opens up on a world of canker worms that might eating deep into the very fabric of the Hip Hop game in .

In clear and simple terms however, “Preach” is simply the reply of TeePhlow to the diss of fellow rapper, Strongman. The latter had dropped “Charcoal” in apparent reference to the former.

Without bias, TeePhlow simply made mockery of Strongman’s beef with the overall weak jabs that made that offering such a petty attempt.

TeePhlow didn’t go for such pettiness on “Preach” as he simply addresses facts, back-biting, hating, disloyalty, hunt for glory over camaraderie, and several others malaise on the circuit. He definitely managed to prove substance over fluffery.

This latest record might be moving away from the success of his “Phlowduction” EP with such dope efforts as Enter” which featured Edem andState of the Art,” but TeePhlow simply proves reasons he is considered as one of Ghanaian Hip Hop’s finest emcees.

You do want to get right into this battle to decide for yourself. Simply stream, download, then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.



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