Wizkid Reveals Marriage Plans and Talks About Relocating to Ghana

Sensational Nigerian mega superstar was a guest recently on Urban 96 FM’s Urban Club Mix hosted by and Tage. The international multi award winner was at the radio show alongside affiliates , and of Legendury Beatz.

Answering some questions that were asked by the show’s hosts, clarified the relationships artistes affiliated with him have with his record label explaining that some – such as and Spotless – are signed to Records while the likes of are affiliates of the label.

Reiterating that R2Bees was never signed to the label, explained that he and the Ghanaian duo have always had a fantastic working relationship, and that he loved to hang out with them each time he was in Ghana.

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Speaking about his love for Ghana, Wizkid stated that he could retire much later in his life to the Gold Coast with his young girlfriend, to which everybody in the studio laughed cheerily.

At this point, the serial hit-maker was asked about his plans for marriage to which he responded rather emphatically that he had no intentions of ever getting married, except all the women in his life all over the world agreed to marry him at the same time.

It’s no news that Wizkid loves pursuing romantic relationships with a variety of beautiful women as he already has three sons from three different women – Sola Ogudugu, Binta Diallo and Jada Pollock – at just 27 years of age.

Shedding some light on a host of other things, Wizkid talked about how he comes up with his hit songs, what he looks out for in the artistes who he decides to bring on board his label, the current projects he’s working on right now and how soon we can anticipate them, and – of course – his recently acquired pet goat.

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and each got the chance to talk about the awesome experience that working with Wizkid has been. The former even delivered a live freestyle on the show. on the other hand announced that he has an album on the way.

Finally, Wizkid revealed that the video for ’s most recent smash hit “Soco” is scheduled to drop next Monday. Not unlike virtually everyone else, we can’t wait.

Listen to the interview below:

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