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Exciting Tanzanian act, Tundaman is proving to be the man of the season with a banging episode he titles “Teacher (Wamechana Mkeka).” Surprisingly, he scores the feature of the now defunct group, .

Do not be too excited as the boys aren’t back together just yet. However, the song was recorded before the quartet of Aslay, Beka Flavour, Mbosso and Enock Bella split.

However, the rest as they is history and they continue to make hit songs as individual artists in the world of Tanzanian music as well as across East Africa.

Well, with the amazing abilities of Tundaman whose real name is Khalid Ramadhani and the individual abilities of the , there’s just no song able to hug the limelight as much as “Teacher (Wamechana Mkeka)” this season and beyond.

Packing an abundance of melody and harmony, “Teacher (Wamechana Mkeka)” is the perfect definition of musical quality and its streams right into the depths of the heart and soul.

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You definitely do not want to miss out on this belter. Simply stream, download then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

Tundaman - Teacher ( Wamechana Mkeka ) Ft : Download


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