Mimi Mars – Papara

– Papara

Tanzanian songbird, continues to create her own turf on the circuit as she lets out another steamy piece. Titled “Papara,” the damsel lets out the depths of her celestial vocals.

might always have to carry the tag as superstar, ’s younger sister, however, she has also managed to crate an incredible resume for herself.

Reason being the fact that she is the total package with the beauty, talent and brains. Mimi Mars is a brainy law graduate who has continued make magic in the world of music with such stand-up performances.

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Records such as her debut offering, “Shuga,”‘s “Game” alongside , as well as her recently releasedSitamani readily comes to mind. Now, she is intent on extending that rout and streak with “Papara.”

“Papara” was produced by , who also produced her previous effort and was mixed by Youngkeyz Morento. The bouncy, groovy, positive and jolly piece is a love-inspired smash that holds potentials for the upper echelons of the charts and trends.

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Plus, the melodious musical delivery of Mimi Mars is the absolute food to the musical ear, mind and soul. The addictive influence will only ensure this is one record you’d ruin the replay button for. However, you do not want to miss out on its musical feast.

Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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