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– Touch N Go

It is safe to say it is all ‘s world now on the competitive South African Hip Hop circuit. They have not only commissioned another fierce joint that they title “Touch N Go;” they are also searching for a third member for the group.

The duo of Pjay and Tkay are two of ’s finest Hip Hop duo and have actually made a massive statement this year 2018 with a roll of stunning hit songs.

Efforts such as Wifey,” “10K,” “Cashin’ Out,” “Styrofoam,” “Taxify You,” and “Slums.” are some of the buzzers  already released in anticipation of their album which is expected to be released any time from now.

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However, on “Touch N Go,” they go on a laid-back, but groovy delivery of stunning lines on this banging production. The only thing is the fact that they let go a lot of free bars as well.

Reason is intentional as they have now thrown up a challenge, asking interested fans to lace their own lines over those bars.

Guess what? The winner of this challenge becomes the third member of B3nchMarQ and also gets to become a part of ‘s next project. How cool can that be?

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You’ve got to delve right into “Touch N Go” and begin cooking your own creative drops right away. Just be sure to also share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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