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Tanzanian artiste, is at it again as he has just recently commissioned a brand new single titled “Mikono Juu” which has also just received a prompt, mad visual treatment.

is one of the most popular rappers out of with songs such as “Mizuki Gani”, “Wapo” and “Muda Wetu” to his credit.

It will be recalled that the talented rapper whose real name is Emmanuel Elibariki was arrested sometime last year immediately after the release of “Wapo” on the accusation that the song maligned the government.

Still making his music and saying things just as he means them, Mr. Nay has just recently commissioned this new firecracker titled “Mikono Juu”.

The track was produced by none other than the talented Awesome at Free Nation Records, who does a great job on this one.

The accompanying music video which has just been released was directed by Nicklass, who does an impressive job of the project as well.

On the video, we see Mr. Nay accompanied by two masked and armed females heading into a mall apparently to rob it.

Things however take a surprisingly pleasant turn when, instead of robbing the mall and the shoppers in it, they give them money and everybody ends up celebrating.

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Listen to the “Mikono Juu” right away by simply streaming or downloading the song right here. Check out the clean music video as well and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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