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Ugandan veteran Reggae musician is picking things up right where he left off in 2017 as he comes through with “Want It”, his debut solo single of 2018 which is accompanied by a brilliant music video.

(whose real name is Moses Ssali) is one of Africa’s most recognised Reggae artistes right now. Although he started his music career in Nairobi, Kenya as far back as 1997, he returned to Ugandan a few years later.

The multi award winning was one of the first artistes to be affiliated with the prolific Ogopa DJs, arguably the most popular production house and record label in Kenya.

From the stables of , this latest release of his, “Want It”, is the quintessential club starter with undeniable chart-topping potentials.

As usual, Bebe Cool’s ability to blend English language with good old Patois while taking us on a surreal musical journey makes “Want It” stand out.

The spectacular music video was shot in South Africa by one of Nigeria’s finest video directors, , and – as usual – he captures and replicates the mood and vibe of “Want It” remarkably well.

If you’ve seen other music videos from Bebe Cool, then you know he has a thing for showcasing exceptionally beautiful ladies as they dance along to his music. This one, as expected, is no different.

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What are you waiting for? Get your groove right away by streaming or downloading “Want It” right here. Enjoy the clean music video as well, and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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