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Talented Kenyan choreographer, hypeman and event planner, Timeless Noel, is back this year with another viral video for his fans. This one is titled ‘KDF Dance’ and it features Hype Ochi and as well.

The scintillating dancer has performed in a good number of major dance competitions such as the Sakata Dance Battle and Can You Dance. Also referred to as ‘The Dance Ambassador’, Timeless Noel has also appeared in couple of Kenyan hit songs.

Sometime last year, the choreographer, whose real name is James Owidhi, invented the ‘Odi Dance’, which became a viral internet phenomenon all over in no time.

This time around, the career dancer is looking to repeat the waves he made last year as he teams with long time collaborators, and Hype Ochi to release another dance video.

KDF (which stands for Kuna Dishie Fulani) is a type of doughnut that is well celebrated in . The trio of Timeless Noel, and Hype Ochi use the popular pastry in ‘KDF Dance’ to cook up a simple dance routine symbolising the need for God’s word in our lives as our daily bread.

The brilliant but hilarious video was directed by Kabi wa Jesus and put together by Bantu Films. Do you think it could be a bigger deal than ‘Odi Dance’? We definitely think so.

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Check it out right away and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Timeless Noel X Hype Ochi & Jabidii – KDF Dance: Download


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  1. kdf enyewe ni kitu ya maana,,i wish inge letwa nikiwa shule back in tha dayz,,i kitu,,ni moto wasee,,jaribuni yu see

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