KENYA Sudi Boy – Unakataa

– Unakataa

One of ’s finest musical exports to the East African region and the African continent, is back to what he knows best. This is as he commissions the music video for his musical definition that he titles “Unakataa.”

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With those golden vocals only fit for celestial beings, can sing enough to make Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un become best friends. In fact, the former will soon consider African countries the Garden of Eden with “Unakataa.”

With a music video that connects the visual dots, Sudi Boy simply highlights the beauty and challenges of God’s greatest gift to humanity – love. The motion pictures come though as spanking-clean and crispy fresh.

As Sudi Boy delivers his stunning rendition, he had the support of his stunning damsel that will definitely get you glued to your musical devices.

“Unakataa” is yet the continuation of a streak for Sudi Boy having launched such masterclass songs as “Banati,” “Amini Mimi,” “Sio Kwa Dawa,” “Sikuoni ,” “Zara” “Simu,” “Leila,” “Wamenuna,” “My Boo,” “Naona Bado,” and several others.

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You do not want to miss out on this melodious and harmonious offering off the stables of the Mombasa-born musical genius. Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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