NIGERIA Chidinma – Love Me

– Love Me

Sensational Nigerian songstress, unearths yet another massive tune that she titles “Love Me.” Again, Miss Kedike proves the doubters wrong as to the massive quality that she packs as far as music is concerned.

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With her celestial vocals and constant offering of hit songs, Chindinma Ekile has still been the subject of distractors who believe she is not releasing enough pieces of content.

However, for the petite damsel, it is more about the world of quality and content. This is the reason why her offerings including “Kedike,” “Fallen In Love,” “Oh Baby,” “Jankoliko,” “Gyration,” “Carry You Go,” “I’m In Love,” “Run Dia Mouth,” “All I Want Is You,” “Be Myself,” and several others, have been nothing but mind-blowing.

who recently commissioned “Gone Forever” as the sountrack for the Nollywood Movie “Wives On Strike (The Revolution)” of actress Omoni Oboli, did not negotiate those terms yet again on “Love Me.”

More importantly, “Love Me” is one piece that you can resonate with especially considering the massive flames of love developing between Chidinma and her beau, Nollywood actor, Demola Adedoyin.

This is as she delivers the massive rendition with her celestial vocals on a love-inspired ode, ballad and plea to the special one in a combination of the English language as well as the traditionally and culturally rich Igbo language.

If you do love love love as much as we do, then “Love Me” will definitely pull those cupid strings and chords right from the depths of your heart on this melodious and harmonious offering that Chidinma simply makes a masterclass.

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You do not want to be left out of its awesomeness. Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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