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is one musical artist that has defied the importance of a strict genre, borders or boundaries. His 2017 smash hit sensation, “Pambe,” continues to touch the right spots in the musical mind and soul.

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Fusing the kinds of vocals known as Bongo Flava or what we call the Tanzanian sound, he still brings on ingredients of his own native Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as well as the bouncy Caribbean flavours. You just can’t make this stuff up.

who is known for the love of the publicity and referred to as Obama or Mfalme wa Masauti (King of Voices). It isn’t much of a surprise since he grew into music from the age of 15 with some of the best on the circuit now including Fally Ipupa.

Now, he has such records to his credit as “Punguza Kidogo,” “Nishike,” “Nakuhitaji,” and even the high-flying “Ollah,” which featured Kenyan rap god, Khaligraph Jones.

Christian Bella‘s sounds remain one of the most iconic in East Africa and “Pambe” is just a testament of his abilities. The love-inspired tune comes with a music video that just thoroughly connects the dots.

However, we wouldn’t even deny the magic the vocals of Christian Bella does and can only anticipate the abundant offering he’s got in line for us this year, 2018. Until then, you might also want to incorporate “Pambe” into your most vital playlists to enjoy its melody and harmony.

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