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– Sikinai

Former high-flying member of the now defunct Yamoto Band, , does pack the flavour and of all his sensational offerings of the past year, one record stood out and tall. Titled “Sikinai,” the song packs all the abundance you’d require for a bout of musical pleasure.

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Many industry watchers, pundits, critics and fans had pencilled for great things as a solo act after rumours of financial issues split Yamoto Band; the group where he found fame, fortune and recognition alongside the likes of Dogo Aslay.

However, once “Sikinai” dropped, even the doubters had to agree in unison that Beka Flavour does pack the artistry to soar. With his celestial vocals being an embodiment of the Tanzanian sound, he simply mesmerises on this record. We aren’t even surprised with the success of Najima which he dropped in December.

Well, it is left to be seen who wins the brewing beef between Beka Flavour and Dogo Aslay but with records such as “Sikinai,” we will only keep rooted in its melodious and harmonious offering. However, it does prove that Beka Flavour holds the X-Factor that we simply cannot just wait for what he has in store for us this year, 2018.

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You do not want to miss out on this scintillating piece of good and quality music with an abundance of cupid offering as customary with many Tanzanian efforts. Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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