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– Slums

Dynamic South African Hip Hop duo, are at it again. They’ve just commissioned yet another masterclass that they title “Slums” and you begin to wonder what the boys are up to.

Just a few days ago, they dropped their 3-track “1st Quarter” EP which contained such scorchers as “10K,” “Cashin’ Out,” and “Styrofoam.”

With fans yet to settle in on those blazing records, they unleashed Taxify You today and have now followed it up with “Slums” in what must be the knock-out punch for other emcees still battling to recover from the festive mood.

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At this stage, we definitely would love to cop a dose of whatever D.O.C Tkay and Pjay of are on. Even with the abundance of quantity, they still let the quality shine through with their steamy lyrical lines and valid content.

On “Slums,” B3nchMarQ take a trip back in time to the townships where they come from and document the hardships their families had to go through.

Well, life is all good now and perhaps, just maybe one person might get the true intent of the message and make the push from the projects for an highbrow area code.

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The lyrics come blazing through on “Slums” with a killer-hook to match the production mastery of usual suspect, . You do not want to be left out of this motivational and inspirational piece.

Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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