TANZANIA Enock Bella – Nitazoea

– Nitazoea

One of and in fact East Africa’s finest acts, of the famed commissions a fantastic new piece that he titles “Nitazoea.” With a music video to match, will make you to fall in love with love.

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There’s a reason why we always refer to love as humanity’s finest gift and Enock Bella proves our assertions right with a performance that totally blows away the mind and mesmerises the soul.

You know he already packs the vocals of a celestial being so he effortlessly only describes his special lady as they connected the body and mind together.

Little reason he has been able to commission such monster jam efforts including “Sauda,” and “Mkuyu,” as well as several stunners with the .

The only thing is “Nitazoea” is the current grind and a musical pleasure for the hears as well as food for the soul. You do not even want to miss out on its melodious and harmonious offering.

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Enock Bella – Nitazoea: Download


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