Mwana FA – Hata Sielewi Ft. Maua Sama

“Dume Suruali” hit maker, has released a new song titled “Hata sielewi” featuring the vocally gifted Tanzanian singer . The song comes in a really clean video and has quite the comic effect you would expect in a song going by that name. “Hata sielewi” is a Swahili phrase that can be directly translated as “I don’t even understand”.

The love song was produced by Hermy B/B Hitz and foreshadows the possibility of releasing more songs in 2018. Until the wake of “Dume Suruali” which he did with Vanessa Mdee, the rapper/singer had been quiet for a while. on the other hand is a budding Tanzanian songstress who has been received very well in the East African musical scene.

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Chege ft. Nandy – Kelele za Chura

She did a song back in August this year titled Katu Katu, which went nuts on social media with its impressive video. Actually Katu Katu’s video was shot in and produced by Hanscana Brand. Both musicians ( and ) make a good melodic match. We hope they will do another song together after “Hata Sielewi”


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