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has released a new song titled “Najima” amidst mixed reactions of his growing beef between him and Dogo Aslay. Both Beka and Dogo were members of a four-man band that went by the name . The band entered into fame with their 2015 hit single, “Nitakupwelepweta”. Actually, the song is still a hit to date, although is no more.

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The team had unitedly released other hit songs in , among them “Mpaka Nizikwe” and Cheza kwa Madoido”. To be honest they were doing great with Dogo Aslay’s vocals taking their songs to the top.

However, Last year was a tough year for and the band. After the release of the song Mama, they decided to break the group.

The band allegedly broke due to financial problems judging from the fact that bands and music groups are not exactly in demand today. The fee that a band like demands for a single performance is ridiculous and discourages event organizers from inviting them for performances.

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Thus the move to break the band would sort of enable the singers to earn more and get more performances individually. ’s new song, “Najima” might give him a shot of redemption now that is no more.

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