Ezek – Ride or Die Vol.1

American based singer Nwokoma Anyaoha – or if you like, Ezek, has released his 12track album that he’s decided to name after Ruff Ryders’ compilation titled Ride or Die Vol.1. Just like Ruff Ryders’1999 compilation Album, Ezek’s new release is called Ride or Die Vol.1. Ezek, whose only single interest is in R&B music, has decided to entertain his diehard fans with this 12 Track album. The album features some of the best Afrobeats across the globe.

Being an African born musician who happens to have spent a considerable part of his life in the states, you can guess it right that he is among the few people who can blend America’s pop music trend, with the Afro stuff we do down here in Africa. Ride or Die Vol.1 follows Ezek’s earlier release titled The third Relationship.



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