SPHEctacula & DJ Naves – KOTW Azisheke Mix

& – KOTW AzishekeMix

and have premiered a new mix titled “KOTW Azisheke Mix” and this is coming right after the success of their “Ngeke” jingle.

This new one was premiered on their radio show, The Kings Drive on Gagasi FM and has been making rounds since its release.

The two are no strangers to making songs that connect. Beyond being DJs and producing, they sing too and make mixes that make sense and this new one from them makes a lot of sense.

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Last year, they rounded off the year with their “2018 Nye Wkend House Mix” and it was a hit too. They are not strangers to collaborating. Whether it is on their radio show or on songs or on mixes, they have this musical chemistry that allows their songs to find an audience.

Sometime last year, the two artistes teamed up with Tipcee, DJ Tira and Beast on “Bhampa” and it found a ready audience, not just because of the star power on the song but also because of the quality it packed.

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They have crafted a unique sound for themselves and fans always warm up to it and we have no doubt that this new mix will get played a lot too.

To listen, stream or download here and share your comments in the comments section.


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