Rukus – Fix Up Your Life (The Response to M.I.)


Rukus – Fix Up Your Life (The Response to M.I.)

With the world of conversations generated by M.I Abaga‘s scathing assessment of the Nigerian Hip Hop circuit on the song You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives,” Rukus delivers a response and it looks like this chapter won’t be coming to an end soon. In turn, he titles it “Fix Up Your Life.”

Truth be told, M.I might have delivered some stinging critique of rappers and it is only expected that some Emcees will stand up to The Chairman no matter the clout and stature he holds. One of such lyrical pugilists is Rukus who served the Chocolate City C.E.O a slice of his own toast.

Well, Rukus simply fought back with valid facts only and didn’t falter with his highlights of real events in the industry that M.I might have overlooked from his hollow chambers and royal stools of gold.

On “Fix Up Your Life,” Rukus does lay bare certain facts that requires courage, knowledge and abilities to take on M.I, who is one of Africa’s most lyrically-savvy marksmen. Why do we even have a feeling this is not the end of this conversations and other rappers will jump unto the bandwagon to debate the subject matter now that one act already set the precedent.

However, you’d got to get right in the world of the jabs and trigger pulled on “Fix Up Your Life.” Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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