Prezzo – Vumilia


Prezzo is slowly making a comeback into the music world and I must say that the “King of bling” might have a new approach to his music. He’s not the first singer in Kenya to come back and make it big after a long period of slumber. Nyashinsky opened up the list for them, followed by the likes of Nameless.

Even though, this does not mean that Prezzo has not been making headlines before his great return to music. Sometimes back he was involved in an embarrassing ordeal with a popular News Host by the name Betty Kyalo. For this particular story, Prezzo came drunk to an interview with Betty and even tried to sexually harass her on camera.

“Vumilia” is a Swahili verb that can be directly translated to mean “bear the pain” or “persevere”. Maybe Prezzo’s life is not all sunshine after all. He recently was exposed to have a dwindling financial life, not to mention that his all-time music Rival Jaguar is already making it big in Kenya. Unlike Prezzo, Jaguar has a much better grip of his social life and this explains why he was elected Member of Parliament in Nairobi despite being a big-time musician.


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