SOUTH AFRICA DJ Clen – Missing In Action

– Missing In Action

, the master of turntables, is going to turn tables and provoke a conversation with his album titled “Missing In Action,” a 12-track affair featuring some critical names in ’s music universe.

In the very first track, “MIA INTRO, featured Ntsiki Mazwai, and on track 12 he featured Zoocci Coke Dope, Dirty Poet and Cardo.

Other features are Esau, Sequel, Mr VIP, Payseen, Nine// Five, Tweezy, Flame, Manu Worldstar, Ginger Trill, 3Two1, Ecco, Ex-Global, Sequel, Cruz Africa, Howza, Maraza, Truth and Norton.

DJ Clen, who had wowed fans with “Nton Nton,” featuring B3nchmarQ, “Nix Malala,” featuring Howza and MarazA, WynaDah,” featuring ScoobyNero, No Prisoners,” featuring Cardo and Zoocci Coke, continues his wowing tradition in his new album.

The tracks in the album have got at least a feature each. The highly eclectic Zeph of ZephBeats Studio did the mixing and mastering – a job well done.

There is a lot to applaud in this album, the excellent beats, the measure delivery, the masterly production… Take this album as a treat for the day and even the week. Move away from the noise  around you, find somewhere cozy, relax and let loose the lyrics… You are in for a good time

Listen, stream and download “DJ Clen – Missing In Action” below and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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