SOUTH AFRICA Fresh 2 Def – Hall of Fame 2 (Hosted by DJ Envy)


’s records has just come through with a brand new album “Hall Of Fame 2” sequel to the successful release of the album’s first instalment.

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Before the high octane 15-track body of work was commissioned, “Hall of Fame 2” was preceded by the release of a good number of power-packed singles such as “Take It” by featuring which was released today as well.

Hosted by the prolific DJ Envy, the spanking new album contains singles and features from some of the most respected names on the South African Hip-hop radar such as , , A-Reece, , , and Buffalo Soulja.

“Hall of Fame 2” is definitely a worthy addition to any relevant playlist right now, and we’re pretty certain you’d want to have it on yours.

Check out the star-studded tracklist below and get familiar with all the scorching numbers on it right away:

1. – Get Ready (feat. & )

2. DJ D Double D – The Key (feat. Da L.E.S & G Baby Da Silva)

3. Da L.E.S – Top (feat. Da L.E.S, A-Reece, Flame, G Baby Da Silva & EX Global)

4. Da L.E.S – Pave the Way (feat. Da L.E.S, & )

5. Da L.E.S – Boombastic (feat. Beenie Man, , Tay Grin & Zani)

6. – Take It (feat. Da L.E.S)

7. Da L.E.S – We Good

8. Da L.E.S – Ballers Freestyle (feat. A-Reece & )

9. Da L.E.S – Halftime (Skit)

10. Slam Dunk (feat. )

11. Da L.E.S – Cooking (feat. & )

12. Da L.E.S – Flex (feat. )

13. DJ D Double D – Get Paid (feat. Da L.E.S, Gemini Major & Flame)

14. Da L.E.S – Ghost (feat. 2Leestark)

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15. Da L.E.S – Shoot For the Stars

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